Transmission Flushing

Experience the Professional Transmission Flushing Services in Auckland

Just like our body, the parts inside your vehicle affect its performance to a great extent. With our automatic transmission flushing services in Auckland, you can experience the best performance of your vehicle. We are the most reputable car care professionals who offer you automatic transmission services in Auckland at the most competitive prices. When your car is with us, you can be assured that you will get quality car repairs from a reputable place.

  • Why choose us?

  • We always make sure that all the work of your vehicle is completed by maintaining the high standard with guaranty.  We are among the very few vehicle repair companies who offer WOF in Auckland. We offer the best quality and affordable WOF vehicle inspection. A WOF (Warrant of Fitness) not only gives you the warrant of fitness sticker for your vehicles but it also offers the safety and the security.
  • With the help of our latest technology automatic transmission flushing equipment, we keep flushing your transmission with new oils until the all the contaminated oil gets removed from your transmission.
  • We believe in customer satisfaction. This is why we offer every single service that is related to vehicles. In fact, we also offer mechanical insurance in Auckland to make to make our customers happy.  
  • With our latest technology flushing equipment, we not only remove contaminated oil, but also flush the accumulated wear material if there is any.
  • What is WOF?

A WOF or a warrant of fitness refers to a periodic safety inspection, which is compulsory for vans, cars, 4WD vehicles, cars and other types of light vehicles like, motorcycles or mopeds. The WOF inspectors, at Ian Heem Motors, have the experience and expertise to understand how to ensure that your car is safe.

  • How our transmission flushing or transmission servicing helps you –

By servicing your transmission, you can experience

  • Smoother gear changes
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Enhanced engine performance
  • Extended life of the transmission
  • A cost-effective way for the expensive repairs
So, when you come to us for your car’s transmission servicing, you get superior servicing for all your car parts, excellent workmanship and customer-friendly services. Count on us today to get your vehicle’s automatic transmission flushed out. Our skilled technicians are always active to help you with the expert and the most reliable advice.