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Ian Heem Motors is a customer focused business that believes in providing the customer with the best service possible, so they drive away satisfied with the work done and peace of mind motoring. Ian Heem Motors is striving to be the preferred household vehicle maintenance and repair specialist.

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  • I bought a used car last to last year and of late the brakes began to malfunction. I asked my mechanic where to get the best brakes that will last for a long period of time. He suggested Ian Heem Motors to be the best place. It has been 1 year now that I bought the brakes from them, they are indeed appreciable. If you want to buy the best Brakes in New Lynn, you can count on Ian Heem Motors.

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  • I will always prefer Ian Heem Motors when it comes to brakes. They supply the best Brakes in New Lynn. I would suggest my fellow friends looking for the best brakes for their cars, to simply leave it on Ian Heem Motors. They will make sure that you get the brakes that your car needs and that it is also of excellent quality.

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  • To avail the best Brakes in New Lynn, choose Ian Heem Motors. I personally brought the brakes years back from their store, and still it is working smoothly. They deliver only quality brakes and you will be satisfied with the product.

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  • Having been sent to Ian Heem Motors by New Lynn Motor & Tyre Service just up the road, Ian was quick to diagnose my over-heating problem as a blocked radiator. None of my comments (e.g. only overheated on the motorway - but not every time, fine in stop-start traffic) surprised or confused him like they had two other workshops. He took the time to explain the issue to me fully, encourage me to see the blockage for myself, answer any questions and organise to get a reasonably accurate quote. All without making me feel like an idiot for not getting regular flushes!

    Two days later I dropped the car off in the morning and picked it up same day without a hitch. I paid less than what I was quoted for and I haven't had any over-heating issues since (now 3 weeks later). Ian Heem Motors is highly recommended and I will definitely be returning for any future mechanical problems!

    Thank you Ian!!

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