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Why is maintenance important?

Your vehicle is made up of hundreds of moving parts which overtime can wear out or stop performing as well. Regular maintenance ensures your car is reliable, safe and fuel efficient. It can also help prevent a minor problem turning into a major costly repair.

Five particular areas need constant attention and if not maintained will impact significantly on the fuel economy of the vehicle, and cost you more money with upward spiralling fuel prices:

  • Correct Tyre Inflation
  • Correct Wheel Alignment
  • Properly Tuned
  • Full maintenance Schedule/program
  • Good operating brakes

Your owners manual should have a recommended maintenance schedule provided by your vehicle manufacturer for your specific make and model of vehicle.


Comprehensive 30 point service and safety check which we recommend every 10,000 km or 6 months.

  • Engine oil flush
  • Change oil
  • Change oil filter
  • Check tyre pressures/condition, apply tyre dressing
  • Test battery condition, check terminals and apply terminal protection
  • Check all lights
  • Check windscreen washer levels and add washer fluid concentrate
  • Visual check of wiper blades
  • Test brake fluid
  • Check clutch fluid
  • Check engine mounts
  • Check condition of exhaust system
  • Check pollen filter
  • Lubricate suspension and steering joints where required
  • Lubricate driveline joints where required
  • Check cooling system/antifreeze condition, inspect system for leaks
  • Check auto transmission/gearbox oil
  • Check differential and transaxle fluid
  • Check power steering fluid
  • Lubricate door hinges

Have you had a tune up done recently? Tuning your car helps you save money on fuel and be a friend to the environment by reducing your vehicle's fuel emissions. Our full tune ups include:

  • Remove and test sparkplugs
  • Carry out full compression test
  • Test HT leads, distributor cap and rotor
  • Check and set ignition timing
  • Carry out full compression test
  • Test HT leads, distributor cap and rotor
  • Check and set ignition timing
  • Carry out emission test on our new Bosch gas analyzer
  • Carry out diagnostic fault code check on vehicles computer
  • Connect diagnostic scope
  • Check oxygen sensor operatio
  • Road test vehicle for performance and drivabilit

Diagnostics Today's vehicles run on integrated electronic systems and complex computers to measure their performance whilst on the road.Our team have an increasingly broad base of knowledge and skills to appreciate how a vehicle's complex components work and interact. We also have the ability to work with electronic diagnostic equipment and computer-based technical reference materials. Ian Heem Motors Ltd is an independent car diagnostic company that is able to service all makes of vehicles.

Your cooling system needs servicing every 20,000km or 2 years. Changing your coolant regularly prevents the internal parts in the cooling system from corrosion, increases the cooling system's boiling point and reduces its freezing point. It also lubricates the seals in the water pump in turn preventing premature water pump failure.

This service involves:

  • Pressure testing the cooling system
  • Checking for leaks
  • Draining and flushing the radiator
  • Topping up the system with the correct antifreeze/coolant solution
  • Testing the radiator cap

If you've ever had to repair or replace your automatic transmission, you'll know this can be very expensive. Most automatic transmissions fail due to overheating which is often a direct result of lack of maintenance.

Your vehicle uses transmission fluid to maintain a safe operating temperature inside the transmission, reduce potentially damaging heat and cool and lubricate the moving parts. However, transmission fluid can break down over time leading to overheating and possible transmission failure.

Automatic transmissions need flushing and servicing every 40,000km.

Our transmission service includes:

  • Checking the transmission computer for fault codes and checking live data
  • Flushing the transmission fluid with a flushing additive
  • Draining the transmission and removing the pan and filter
  • Replacing the filter, cleaning the pan and reassembling with new gasket
  • Refilling the transmission with high quality transmission fluid
  • Road testing

Constant Velocity Constant Velocity (CV) Joints allow your vehicle to steer and go over bumps and connect your driveline to the wheels. They are used on mainly front wheel drive vehicles and on some rear wheel drive vehicles.

CV joints need to be kept full of grease to make them last. The CV boot keeps the grease around the CV Joint and keeps the CV Joint lubricated. CV boots are prone to perishing and splitting. If your CV joint(s) make a loud clicking sound when turning your vehicle steering hard lock, they may need replacing.

Keep you, your family and your car safe by having your brakes fluid checked and changed regularly. Brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years because it is hydroscopic which means it absorbs moisture (water) out of the air around us. Water in the brake fluid greatly reduces the brake fluids ability to withstand heat and can boil under extreme conditions e.g driving down hill. This causes spongy brake pedals or can even cause complete brake failure. Water in the brake fluid also causes components to rust inside the brake system which can cause brake fluid leakage and brake system failure.
Keep you, your family and your car safe by having your brakes checked regularly. If your brake warning light comes on when you are driving, your brake fluid is low, your brakes make grinding or screeching sounds, your steering wheel shakes or you feel pulsating or sponginess in the brake pedal, your car needs attention now! All brake repairs are quality repairs as we do not compromise with safety. We machine discs or drums, replace brake pads/shoes, lubricate caliper slides and replace the brake fluid as required.
Have your battery tested for FREE today. We'll test your battery for free with the latest digital testerwhich gives you a print out on your batteries condition. We stock quality Exide batteries which carry nationwide warranties ranging from 24 to 42 months.
We can carry out exhaust inspections and repairs, from muffler replacements to full custom exhaust systems.
We can carry out all WOF repairs in house, from changing light bulbs to sorting brake problems.
If your cambelt breaks it could cause expensive engine damage so if you are not sure if your cambelt has been replaced or when it is due, we can check it for you and advise you of the replacement costs. Your cambelt should be replaced in line with your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations which can vary from 60,000 km to 100,000km. Replacing the cambelt usually includes replacing the cambelt tensioners, idler bearings, camshaft and crankshaft oil seals (if required). If the water pump is driven by the cambelt, we normally advise replacing the water pump at the same time as often, replacing the cambelt only puts strain on the water pump causing the pump to fail soon after cambelt replacement.
A vehicle with defective shocks or suspension can take as much as 2.5 metres longer to stop in an emergency. Poor vehicle handling can also put you and your family at serious risk of having an accident. If your vehicle is nose diving while braking, leaking oil from shocks or unstable while driving, then your shock absorbers may be worn out and require replacing. We can carry out full shock absorber replacements, suspension & steering parts replacements.
The clutch connects the engine to the gearbox. Clutches require regular checks to make sure they are adjusted correctly for a prolonged service life and trouble free operation. If your engine revs up rapidly or you are losing power when accelerating your vehicle, your clutch may require adjustment or replacing.

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