Timing Belt and Clutch repairs

Ensure a Reliable Driving with Our Timing Belt and Clutch Repairs Services in Auckland

At Ian Heem Motors, we offer a wide range of skilled and reliable timing belt and clutch repairs services in Auckland. Being a recognized and authorized warranty repairer, all our services come with the reassurance that you will receive the best quality replacement parts and the highest standard of workmanship at the most competitive prices.

  • Experience our vehicle service and repairs in Auckland at an affordable price:

Because of our high-quality services and affordability, we have become the most popular vehicle service and repairs company in Auckland. When you come to us, you can be assured that all your vehicle repair services will be done in the most efficient way.

  • What is timing belt?

The timing belt is an integral of internal combustion engine. It is also known as a cam belt. This belt controls the valves and keeps them operating (opening and closing) at the right time. If the timing belt does not work properly, you may experience major engine damage. Cam belt replacement is essential if you want to keep your vehicle engine damage-free.

  • Reasons to repair and replace timing belt and clutch:

In order to avoid the major and expensive engine repairs, we suggest regular timing belt checks. We also recommend replacement of the timing belt if any damage is found. If a damaged timing belt is not replaced, it might break at any time resulting expensive engine damage.
The clutch is another important part of your engine. It enables you to connect and manage the power of the engine through the gearbox. So, it is highly recommended to keep it damage-free in order to keep your engine smooth. Our highly skilled technicians repair or replace clutches quickly and efficiently to give you a flawless driving experience.  
We, at Ian Heem Motors, are equipped with the latest technology diagnostic equipment. This helps us to detect any minor defect in your engine and repair it with the ultimate accuracy. So, count on us today to checkup and maintain your engine and ensure a reliable driving experience.