Suspension CV Boots

Get the Best Suspension CV boots Services in Auckland

At Ian Heem Motors, we are committed to offering you the best in class replacement services for suspension CV boots in Auckland. If the CV joint of your car is making a clicking noise, count on us today, our expert technicians will fix them with the ultimate accuracy.

  • What is CV boot and CV joint?

Constant Velocity or CV joints are attached to each other at the end of each drive shaft. They help in transferring the torque at a constant speed and accommodating the up and down motions of the suspension, while a car drives.  Generally, the CV joints are found in the front wheels of the car. However, in some car/trucks, there are CV joints in the rear wheels too.
The CV boot refers to the rubber boot that clamps over the CV joints. It acts as a protector to the CV Joints. It helps in keeping the grease in and the moisture and the dirt out of the CV joints. If your CV boot is torn or damaged, it will not do its work in a proper way. So, the grease will come out and the moisture and dirt will enter into the CV joints that will result in damage and destruction of the CV joints. We, at Ian Heem Motors, ensure the safety of your CV joints by offering you the best quality suspension CV boots.

  • Symptom when you should replace your CV joints and CV boots:

If the CV is about to collapse, the noise of the CV joints would be like the clunking sound. This sound is the indication that it is the high time you should replace your CV joints. When the CV joints collapse, they can cause an accident. The more your CV Joints will get damaged, the more expensive it would be for you.
It would a wise decision if you consult a technician whenever you hear the clunking sound from the CV joints. Apart from Suspension CV boots services, we also offer garage services in Auckland. So, count on us today to get the one-stop mechanical solution at your budget.